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Enrobing Machines
Kaplama Makinası
Enrobing Machines

Alper enrober is made with belt width from 400 , 600 , 800 and 1000 mm and designed for all common enrobing tasks with tempered as well as non tempered chocolate.
On the machine there are following possibilities of enrobing.

- Enrober can make bottom enrobing , top enrobing and combined bottom and top enrobing Combined bottom and top enrobing.
-  Partial enrobing by separation of chocolate curtain, it can be decided which part or parts of    articles to enrobe
- Designed for three shift operation
- Stainless steel construction
- Including one hot water system
- Height adjustable blower with calibrated adjustable nozzle
- Including return pump (optional)

Frequency controlled :
- Chocolate supply pump
- Wire mesh band
- Blower speed

- Shaking device
- Licking rollers


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