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Tempering Machines


Tempering is necessary in order to obtain a perfectly finished product.

Five construction features enable perfect microcrystallization of the chocolate mass.

- Long tempering sections
- Large cooling surfaces 
- Turbulent mixing
- Cooling time
- Accurate temperature control

ATM temepring machines meets these requirements. Final product has these characteristics:

- Unique gloss
- Fine grained and dense structure
- Extended shelf -life 
- Crispy break
- Short cooling time
- Maximum contraction

Three –Zone Tempering Machine
This unique tempering machine has three zone precrystallising system .
Production capacity can be adjusted through frequency controller.
Thecnical  Description
All process parameters (temperatures, pump speed etc) can be changed through touch screen panel .
The three tempering zones have their own  temperature control and in each zone temeprature probe is placed  directly in the chocolate flow. By means of  PID temperature controllers together with hot/cold water and  an accurate chocolate temeperature is achieved.
In first and  last zone re-heating or cooling can be applied according to process requirements.
Machine is PLC controlled .

ATM-250 250 kg/h 1250x1150 mm 2100 mm 900 Kg
ATM-500 500 kg/h 1350x1450 mm 2200 mm 1190 Kg
ATM-750  750 kg/h 1350x1450 mm 2200 mm 1230 Kg
ATM-1000 1000 kg/h 1350x1450 mm 2200 mm 1500 Kg
ATM-1500 1500 kg/h 1350x1450 mm 2400 mm 1970 Kg
ATM-2200 2200 kg/h 1350x1450 mm 2750 mm 2460 Kg
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